Timothy Miller Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Timothy Miller, Ph.D.
California Psychology License # PSY8283
7419 Alexandria Place
Stockton, CA 9520


August 23, 2019

In October of 2018, I retired from my psychotherapy practice and moved out of my office.

I receive mail at the address above. I do not meet with clients at this address.

If you’re looking for a counselor or therapist, I’m not available. There are several excellent therapists in the area, but I am not in a position to recommend any of them.

Please do not call me asking for a psychotherapy appointment or for a recommendation to another psychotherapist. I won’t be able to help.

My psychology license remains active and I have maintained my professional liability insurance. I occasionally consult with public agencies regarding grave disability.

To get in touch with me for business reasons, call the number above, send me email, or send a letter to the address above. I don’t have a fax number.

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